This prefabricated timber classroom in the Belgian countryside aims to support learning through physical engagement with architecture. The lower section of the walls contain small ladders for toddlers who are learning how to stand up. Sloping boards offer surface area for drawing. Windows positioned at the height of children offer views to the garden. The design of ceilings is often neglected – they are the realm of smoke detectors, and other ubiquitous devices. In our view, the design of the ceiling is very important, especially for children who spend much of their time on their back.

The main constructive idea of the project is the integration of structure, lighting, acoustic and furniture into one system. Instead of standard wall systems, we designed plywood modules that were easily cut, pre-assembled in less than a week, transported and linked together on site within a few days. Using 3D production files and the use of CNC cutting, gave us the time to focus on user experience.


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Type   |   Commission

Programme   |   Nursery

Total Area   |   120 sqm

Status   |   Completed

Date   |   2016

Design Team   |   LASSA : Theo Sarantoglou Lalis and Dora Sweijd with Kasper Ax, Marc Martinez, Philip Doumler.

Engineer   |   NOUS Engineering - JZH & Partners s.c.r.l.

Temporary Partnership   |   WHY Architects - Yannick Denayer

Photography   |   NAARO