The relative separation from the city as well as the need for efficient internal organization and circulation inspired us to design the administration complex as a micro-city organized around protected gardens. The complex is consists of departments and sub-department office loops, where each working neighborhood has it’ s own crescent shaped interior  public atrium and external courtyard. All offices have views towards the internal gardens or towards the internal atriums.

This radial courtyard arrangement, inspired by Islamic vernacular architecture, reinforces the idea of belonging to a department or working entity that is itself part of a larger complex. An oblique ground floor spine gives easy access to all departments, interior atriums and shared facilities for both visitors and permanent staff. The architecture aims to efficiently manage the organizational and circulation aspects of the project while creating a healthy and stimulating microcosm that offers possibilities for efficient working collaboration as well as intense social life organized around a series of gardens.

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Type   |   Commission

Programme   |   Offices, Conference facilities, Parking.

Client   |   Ministry of Social Affairs

Total Area   |   152.000 m2

Status   |   Detail Design

Date   |   2013 -

Design Team   |   Theo Sarantoglou Lalis and Dora Sweijd with Kasper Ax, Luc Izri, Doyeon Cho, Nikos Klimentidis.

Executive Architect   |   ASCO

Engineer   |   ASCO