LASSA’s concept for the ETAS Civic Centre suggests a trifurcated, organic volume nested into a recreational, green landscape to create a discrete, but active stimulation of its urban environment. The façade of the complex plays a very active role as an interface between nature and culture, inhabitable through the sloped terrain and the stepped semi-glazed surfaces that give direct access to the roof-scape, while forming exterior amphitheatres for the presentation of dramatic or sporting events. The perimeter of the roof then forms an elevated, undulating running track as a continuous loop while outlining a spectacular roof top garden accessible to the general public.The arrangement of the interior spaces creates a landscape of open spaces organized around the main central foyer and exhibition area where social interaction is encouraged through views of the deep floor plan.

Type   |   Public Competition - 2nd Place.

Programme   |   Civic Centre - Theater, Auditorium, Sports Hall, Foyer.

Total Area   |   2.200 m2

Date   |   2014

Design Team   |   LASSA: Designed byTheo Sarantoglou Lalis and Dora Sweijd with Kasper Ax, Theo Grousopoulos and Luis Sacristan.

Executive Architect   |   ASCO

Engineer   |   ASCO